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**** Welcome to BabyHub Online ****

BabyHub provides a wide range of baby essential items for your lovely baby from newborn to toddlers. This includes nursing accessories, bedding necessities, traveling needs, safety item, exploration toy and clothing.

Our products are mainly from Naforye International Corp which is a Taiwan based company specialized in research, development and manufacturing of modern baby products. The company understands well the needs of parents and developed practical and useful products using quality materials (i.e. breathable fabrics, heat dissipating mats, anti-drip bibs etc.). If you wish to find out more of Naforye’s company information and product, please visit http://www.naforye.com.tw

Besides that, we also understand that breastfeeding offers a range of benefits for mothers as well as their children. Therefore, in order to encourage breastfeeding, we offers a wide range of breast milk storage bag, storage bottles and breastfeeding accessories from Medela, Lansinoh, Pigeon, Blue Egg etc…

Below are the list of product brands we provide: